Tuesday, January 1, 2013

20 Favorite Chess Posts of 2012

Happy New Year 2013! This is a revision of this post on 12/31/2016 with updated numbers as of May 2017. Here is my top 20 Favorite Chess Blog list for the year 2012. I wrote a total of 580 posts for this blog in 2012. Many of these old posts have been deleted. Only the most popular remain. Enjoy!

1 - 10

2105. Brian Wall's Fishing Pole Trap in Ruy Lopez

1691. 101 London System Repertoire Queens Indian

1177. Joy of Alapin-Diemer Gambit French Defence

943. Lakdawala on 2.Ne2!? vs Caro-Kann Defence

874. 102 London System Repertoire: Kings Indian

819. Bond Wins Snyder Anti-Sicilian Defence 2.b3

800. From Gambit Lasker Trap In Bird's Opening

767. Eric Rodriguez Cub Roars Black Lion System

754. Tom Purser draws World Champ Euwe in BDG


741. Winning with Koltanowski Max Lange Attack

715. How to win easy blitz chess Caro-Kann Defence

708. 103 London System Repertoire 1.d4 d5 variations

682. Tricky Queens Gambit Cambridge Springs Def.

678. Basic White Chess Repertoire 1.e4 & KEBU

590. 105 London System Repertoire Exchange Slav

577. New Book GM Avrukh Beating 1.d4 Sidelines

515. Romantic Chess Return of Tom Purser's Blog

499. 104 London System repertoire 1.d4 d5 Classical

495. Ray Haines wins with Classical Dutch Defence

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