Thursday, January 1, 2015

20 Favorite Chess Posts of 2014

Happy New Year 2015! This is a revised post for 1/1/2015 with updated numbers as of May 2017. Here is my top 20 Favorite Chess Blog list for the year 2014. I wrote a total of 365 posts on this blog during the year 2014. Many of those posts have been deleted. Only the most popular posts remain on my blog. Enjoy!

Editor's note: Click here for the link to my latest Top 70.


829. Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Keybook Online

636. Book Review King's Gambit by GM John Shaw

610. Book Review Alekhine by Lakdawala

452. Fries Nielsen in Irregular Veresov Opening

426. Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Vienna Famous Trap

404. BlackDragon Trap Queen Budapest Gambit

394. Two Knights Tango Checkmates Big Daddy

393. Karpov French Defence Tarrasch Jeff Baffo

381. Trap of Queen in Pirc Defence Chess Opening

379. Albin Counter Gambit Checkmate Sawyer Win


362. Schmoldt vs Muhr Lemberger 4.dxe5

360. Tim Sawyer Beats Purser Blackmar-Diemer

349. Helin vs Skovgaard in BDG Huebsch Gambit

347. Sawyer Gambit 7.g4!? Benko vs Paul Norton

344. Zoltan Sarosy in Modern Caro-Kann Defence

327. Beloungie in Colle System vs Dutch Defence

326. Jeffrey Baffo in Bold Benko Gambit vs Sawyer

314. Pert Beats Blackmar-Diemer Huebsch Gambit

311. Alexey Bezgodov in Extreme Caro-Kann 3.f3

299. Stepan-Blechzin Battle Huebsch

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