Tuesday, December 8, 2015

4 Dutch & Bird books for Christmas

The eighth day of Christmas is for the Dutch Defence (1...f5) and Bird's Opening (1.f4). These f-pawn openings give you easy to play set-ups. Your ability to win will depend on your experience and your understanding of the tactics and strategy for each line. Most of your opponents will do little or no preparation to meet this variations. To take advantage of their lack of knowledge, you need good tools that show you how to play the Dutch Defence and Bird's Opening. Books such as the ones below provide you with good ideas to improve your play. These books give you some interesting ideas and examples.

1. The Diamond Dutch: Strategic Ideas & Powerful Weapons by Viktor Moskalenko
The author provides in depth examination of lines needed for a Black repertoire.

2. Birds' Opening: Move by Move by Cyrus Lakdawala
One of our favorite teachers explains thematic tactics and important strategies.

3. Dismantle the Dutch Defense with the Dangerfield Attack: A New Way to Fight the Stonewall, Classical, Leningrad and Fianchetto Variations by David I. Rudel
The author is noted for Colle Systems and other innovative opening approaches.

4. The Polar Bear System 1: Dangerous & strong! by GM Henrik Danielsen
A grandmaster demonstrates his approach to the Bird's Openings in his games.

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