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Top 65 Chess Favorites at Post 1900

Welcome to my Top 65 most clicked on blogs. I have written 1900 blogs over five years. I add five more to my all-time "Top" list every 100 posts. The fastest moving are at the top. The new ones are at the bottom. The previous top list was my Top 60 (post number 1800 from March 2016). Also notable list is my annual Favorite 40 on New Year's Day.

Editor's note: Click here for link to my latest Top 70.


2829. Checkmate: Five Quick Fool's Mates for Black

2765. How to Win With 150 Attack vs Pirc Defence

2571. Checkmate: Five Quick Fool's Mates for White

2263. Top 40 Favorite Sawyer Chess Post 1400

1820. Brian Wall's Fishing Pole Trap in Ruy Lopez

1643. Top 55 Favorite Sawyer Chess Post 1700

1316. Famous Trap: Hastings h-file Mate Ruy Lopez

1284. 101 London System Repertoire Queens Indian

1262. Roman Dzindzichashvili and Scotch Gambit

1129. Top 45 Favorite Sawyer Chess Post 1500


1125. Blackmar-Diemer Ryder Gambit: "Refuted?"

1025. Trying to Avoid English Opening with 1.c4 d5!?

1000. Joy of Alapin-Diemer Gambit French Defence

874. Top 50 Favorite Sawyer Chess Blog Post 1600

841. Attacking the Old Benoni Defence

831. Lakdawala on 2.Ne2!? vs Caro-Kann Defence

763. How NOT to play Huebsch Gambit vs BDG

763. Top 35 Favorite Sawyer Chess Blog Post 1300

741. 102 London System Repertoire: Kings Indian

716. Tom Purser draws World Champ Euwe in BDG


706. From Gambit Lasker Trap In Bird's Opening

686. Bond Wins Snyder Anti-Sicilian Defence 2.b3

662. Eric Rodriguez Cub Roars Black Lion System

658. How to win easy blitz chess Caro-Kann Defence

657. Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Keybook Online

652. Battle of Petroff Defence Repertoire Book Ideas

648. Winning Symmetrical Pawn Structure Position

641. Winning with Koltanowski Max Lange Attack


618. Review Dark Knight System James Schuyler

616. Top 30 Favorite Sawyer Chess Blogs Post 1200

611. 103 London System Repertoire 1.d4 d5 variations

593. Hickman Dutch Defence Leningrad Variation

585. Grob Gambit, Bloodgood, Bogart and Chess

570. Tricky Queens Gambit Cambridge Springs Def.

569. Tactics in Alekhine Four Pawns Attack

558. Diemer-Duhm Gambit attack: Caro-Kann Defence

517. 105 London System Repertoire Exchange Slav


514. Review Eric Jégo book Blackmar-Diemer Gambit

508. New Book GM Avrukh Beating 1.d4 Sidelines

507. Book Review: King's Gambit GM John Shaw

492. Van Geet Variation in Scandinavian Defence

480. Copy Cat Chess Moves Playing Against Yourself

478. Romantic Chess Return of Tom Purser's Blog

460. 104 London System repertoire 1.d4 d5 Classical

453. Ray Haines wins with Classical Dutch Defence

452. Top 25 Favorite Sawyer Chess Blog Post 1100

437. 100 Chess Years of Russian Petroff Defence


425. 4 Catalan and Nimzo books for Christmas

425. Master Baishanski attacks Queen Knight Defence

419. Book Review Alekhine by Lakdawala

413. Ing. Jozef Spanik Registered Mail

412. Open Italian Four Knights Jerome Gambit?

404. Bill Campion and Englund Gambit 1.d4 e5!?

401. 101 Repertoire Queens Gambit 3.e4 & 3.e3

388. You Take a Shot at King, Make Sure You Kill

370. Donald Funk: Colle System vs Gruenfeld Def.

364. Jeremy Katz Best French Alapin Gambit

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