Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ralf Kramer Wins Blackmar Gambit

You do not have to be a master to enjoy the Blackmar Gambit. Club players the world over can and do win beautiful games. The veteran player Ralf Kramer found a creative checkmate. The game began as a Fritz Attack with 1.d4 d5 2.e4 dxe4 3.Bc4!? It transposed into a Blackmar Gambit after 3…Nf6 4.f3.

What is the Blackmar Gambit? Armand Blackmar joined the club in New Orleans just about the time Paul Morphy retired from chess. It was in the 1860s at the time of the American Civil War. Blackmar played the gambit 1.d4 d5 2.e4 dxe4 3.f3!?

One could imagine a possible continuation of 3…Nf6 4.Bc4. It transposes to the game Ralf Kramer played. E.J. Diemer improved on the gambit with 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.f3. Maybe Kramer knew Diemer, since Kramer was also from Germany.

The Black pieces in this game were handled by the younger and higher rated player Lutz Spreer. He played a reasonable game. But Black had two alternatives for advantage on moves 4 and 6. I love the pretty checkmate that finishes this game. It reminds me of some of the tactical exercises I train on every day.

Blackmar Gambit 3.f3 is section 1.0 in my Blackmar-Diemer Games 2 book.

Kramer (1559) - Spreer (1651), Lichtenberger Sommer 2016 Berlin GER (8.89), 20.08.2016 begins  1.e4 d5 2.d4 dxe4 3.Bc4!? [3.Nc3 Nf6 4.f3= BDG] 3...Nf6 [3...Nc6=/+] 4.f3 [Another original idea is 4.Ne2!?] 4...Bf5 [4...Nc6-/+] 5.g4!? [5.Nc3 or 5.fxe4] 5...Bg6 6.f4?! [6.g5] 6...h5? [6...e6! 7.Be3 Nc6-+] 7.f5 Bh7 8.g5 Nd5 [8...Nc6 9.c3 Bxf5 10.Qb3 e6 11.gxf6=] 9.Qxh5 g6 10.fxg6 fxg6 11.Qe2  [11.Qg4+/=] 11...Nb6 12.Bb3 Qxd4 13.Nc3 [13.Bd2!?] 13...Nc6 14.Be3 Qb4 [14...Qe5 15.0-0-0+/=] 15.a3 Qa5 16.0-0-0 e5 17.Nxe4 Bxa3 18.Nf6+ Ke7 19.bxa3 [Faster is 19.Bxb6!+- to attack the queen and threaten mate in 2.] 19...Qxa3+ 20.Kb1 a5 21.Bxb6 a4 22.Rd7+ Kf8 23.Rf7# 1-0

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