Saturday, December 31, 2016

My 10 Least Viewed Chess Posts

Thank you to all my readers during 2016 my sixth year of blog writing. When I rank all my posts in order some posts finish on the bottom. I published them when fewer people read my blog. Here are my 10 least viewed posts in chronological order.

My blog is more popular now than it usually was. All of my posts since September have had 170 page views or more, while none of my 2016 posts prior to August hit 170. My average post gets read over 160 times. Google takes readers to my 2100 prior articles more often than to whatever my newest post is.

These 10 are the only ones that have fewer than 20 hits. On New Years Day I give the most viewed for the year. Note that the first one below was my very first blog post.

1. What's on the Horizon for my Chess Blog?
19 6/23/11

19 7/20/12

3. Wall BDG: Extra Material vs Good Position
19 9/25/12

4. Teichmann: You've Gotta See This Finish!
19 10/8/12

5. Bill Wall with BDG: Attacking Kingside
17 11/6/12

6. Bill Wall BDG: MBZG Run Over By c-pawn
18 11/16/12

7. 40 Favorite Chess Posts 2012 & 2011
16 1/1/13

8. Sicilian Defence Dragon Darryl Hartman
18 4/25/16

9. BDG Lemberger by Malmstrom
17 6/16/16

10. Neo-Gruenfeld vs John Shepherd
19 6/21/16

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