Friday, September 1, 2017

Le Quang Liem London System

The London System is an excellent blitz opening because White can play good moves rapidly. This saves clock time for complicated middlegame positions or long endgames. Le Quang Liem defeated the Fabiano Caruana in a super grandmaster blitz battle. Caruna played sharply with 11...e5 giving the possibility of multiple captures. White won the Exchange with 15.Bb5 but Black had good compensation. White stopped all three of Black's advanced passed pawns to win the endgame.

Le Quang Liem (2739) - Caruana (2807), Saint Louis Blitz 2017 Saint Louis USA (1.2), 17.08.2017 begins 1.d4 d5 2.Bf4 Nf6 3.e3 e6 4.Nd2 c5 5.c3 Nc6 6.Ngf3 Bd6 7.Bg3 0-0 8.Bd3 b6 9.Qe2 Bb7 10.Rd1 Re8 11.e4 e5 [11...Bxg3 12.hxg3=] 12.dxe5 [12.dxc5 Bxc5 13.0-0+/=] 12...Nxe5 13.Nxe5 Bxe5 14.f4 dxe4
15.Bb5! Bc7 16.Nc4 Qe7 17.Bxe8 Rxe8 18.Ne3 Qe6 19.0-0 Qc6 20.f5 Bxg3 21.hxg3 h6 22.Rd2 Qc7 23.Qf2 Ba6 24.c4 b5 25.b3 bxc4 26.bxc4 h5 27.Qf4 Qxf4 28.Rxf4 Kh7 29.Rd6 Bb7 30.Kf2 Rc8 [30...Kh6 31.Ke2+/=] 31.Rh4 Kg8 32.Rh1 [32.g4 hxg4 33.Nxg4 e3+ 34.Kxe3+-] 32...Bc6 33.Rhd1 Rc7 34.Rd8+ Kh7 35.g4 Kh6 36.gxh5 Kxh5 37.Rb8 [37.Nd5+/-] 37...Kg5 38.Rdd8 Bd7 39.Nd5 Nxd5 40.cxd5 Bxf5 41.d6 Rc6 42.Rb7 Ra6 43.Rxf7 Rxa2+ 44.Kg3 g6 [44...Ra3+ 45.Kh2 Rd3 46.Rxg7+ Kf6 47.Rc7+/-] 45.d7 Ra3+ 46.Kh2 Rd3 [46...Bxd7 47.Rdxd7+-] 47.Rxf5+ gxf5 [47...Kxf5 48.Rf8+ Ke5 49.d8Q Rxd8 50.Rxd8+-] 48.Rg8+ Kf4 49.d8Q Rxd8 50.Rxd8 Ke3 51.Rc8 Kd4 52.Kg3 c4 53.Kf2 c3 54.Ke2 f4 [54...a5 55.g3 a4 56.Ra8+-] 55.Rf8 Ke5 56.Kd1 a5 57.Kc2 Kd4 58.Rxf4 a4 59.g4 a3 60.g5 a2 61.Rf1 1-0

Sets: Chess Games 1.e4 Series and Chess Games 1.d4 Series
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  1. Sorry, but how come sometimes we can't click through the moves of the game anymore? :)

    1. I made the change to qualify for https. Gradually I'm changing them over.