Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Most Viewed Chess Blog Post July-Aug 2014

Welcome to September and my most viewed July-August 2014 Sawyer chess blogs. Below are posts you chose as the 31 most popular from the 62 days of those months. All 31 would make my New Year's Day 2015 annual 40 Favorites list for 2014, but there are still four months in the year to knock these off with more popular posts. My all-time lists include my Top 35 and my Least Viewed list. My loneliest all-time post to date is Bill Wall BDG: Makrameba Wins Knight & Draws. During September 2014, I flash back to two tournaments in 1981 where I played some masters and experts in popular openings as I was working my way up through the ranks. And I plan games from the BDG family about every other day as well as a selection of games you send as readers. Thank you!

216. Albin Counter Gambit Checkmate Sawyer Win

198. Zoltan Sarosy in Modern Caro-Kann Defence

196. Smothered Checkmate Tactic Bird's Opening

195. Armin in Caro-Kann to Blackmar-Diemer Win

195. Fries Nielsen in Irregular Veresov Opening

173. Helin vs Skovgaard in BDG Huebsch Gambit

167. Karpov French Defence Tarrasch Jeff Baffo

159. Floyd Halwick Sharp Sicilian Defence Dragon

158. Garcia Palermo vs Cavicchi in Sicilian Najdorf

158. Jeffrey Baffo in Bold Benko Gambit vs Sawyer

157. Chess Swindle vs Mario Marshall in Caro-Kann

156. Trap of Queen in Pirc Defence Chess Opening

151. Haines Mating Attack Dutch Staunton Gambit

150. Johnston vs Sawyer in King's Indian Defence

145. Cavicchi Wins vs GM Dreev Budapest Gambit

143. Ray Haines in Colle System vs Queen's Indian

143. Beloungie in Colle System vs Dutch Defence

139. Pert Beats Blackmar-Diemer Huebsch Gambit

137. Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Vienna Famous Trap

136. Tim Sawyer Beats Purser Blackmar-Diemer

134. Tartakower wins Blackmar-Diemer Simonovic

133. Haines Battles Morin in Dutch Defence 2.Nc3

125. Peter Webster on Kampars, Fischer, Diemer

122. Tim Sawyer vs Tom Purser in Elephant Gambit

119. Sawyer Wins Wilkes Barre Gambit vs Spiegel

119. Tartakower Wins Veresov vs George Thomas

117. Faydi Defeats GM Kuzmin Blackmar-Diemer

117. Francesco Cavicchi and 3.c3 Modern Defence

116. Simons vs Brusey in BDG Vienna Kampars

114. Dutch Defence Leningrad Hit and Run Bishop

112. Martin Simons vs Elwin in Caro-Kann Defence

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Simon Marder Wins vs Bjorn BDG Teichmann

The Blackmar-Diemer Gambit made a Scandinavian appearance when Simon Marder of Sweden defeated Lasse E. Bjorn of Norway in a recent game played in Denmark. Black defended with the 5...Bg4 BDG Teichmann Exchange Variation 6.h3 Bxf3 7.Qxf3 c6. White continued with the aggressive Seidel-Hall Attack 8.g4 e6 9.g5 Nd5 in this popular sharp chess opening line, but he took aim from a different diagonal.

Here Marder goes his own way with 10.Bg2!? instead of the normal 10.Bd3. Now the focus is more on the center and merely a kingside attack. White's rook move ideas of 14.Rf5 and 15.Rxd5 were interesting. The position became tense and both sides miss chances. White maintains the attack and, in the end, finds a checkmate on f7.

Marder (2082) - Bjorn (1910), Politiken Cup 2014 Helsingor DEN (10.94), 29.07.2014 begins 1.d4 d5 2.e4 dxe4 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.f3 exf3 5.Nxf3 Bg4 6.h3 Bxf3 7.Qxf3 c6 8.g4 e6 9.g5 Nd5 10.Bg2!? [Almost everyone plays 10.Bd3 here.] 10...Be7 11.0-0 0-0 12.Qg4 c5 [12...Nd7 13.h4 Qc7=/+] 13.Nxd5 exd5 14.Rf5 [14.c4!?] 14...Nc6 15.Rxd5 Qa5 16.c3 Rad8 17.b4 Qa4 18.bxc5 Qc2 19.Qg3? [19.Rxd8 Bxd8 20.Bf4 Qxc3 21.Rd1 Nxd4 22.Bd6+/=] 19...Qd1+ [Black is better after 19...Rxd5! 20.Bxd5 Nxd4 21.cxd4 Qd1+ 22.Kg2 Qxd4-+] 20.Kh2 Rxd5 21.Bxd5 Nxd4 22.Qf2 Bxc5? [22...Ne6-/+] 23.Ba3? [23.cxd4! Bxd4 24.Bb2+/-] 23...Qxa1? [Better is the drawish line 23...Nf3+ 24.Qxf3 Qxf3 25.Bxf3 Bxa3=] 24.Bxc5 Rd8 [24...Qxc3 25.Bxf8 Qc7+ 26.Kg2+/-] 25.Bxf7+ Kh8 26.Bxd4 Qc1 27.Bxg7+ Kxg7 28.Qf6+ Kf8 29.Be6+ Ke8 30.Qf7# 1-0

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