Monday, January 21, 2019

Scandinavian Patzer Win Torning

Richard Torning sent me a Scandinavian Defence Patzer Variation 3...Qe5+ game with his strategy is 4.Be2 c6 5.Nf3 Qc7. Rick Torning wrote, "Hi Tim, another Scandinavian Patzer 60 seconds bullet game with opposite sides castling. White has dark square problems around the castled king and poor piece coordination."

NN - Torning, Casual Bullet game lichess, 04.12.2018 begins 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Qxd5 3.Nc3 Qe5+ 4.Be2 c6 5.Nf3 Qc7 6.0-0 Bf5 7.h3 passive 7...e6 The Scandinavian - Patzer Variation 8.d3 [8.d4] 8...Bd6 9.Ne4 Bxe4 10.dxe4 Nd7 keeping control of e5 and the long dark diagonal 11.c3 Ngf6 12.Qc2 0-0-0 the engine prefers 0-0. White should start a pawn storm on the queenside. 13.Bg5 Both sides have their rooks connected 13...h6 14.Bh4? The cause of the dark squares weaknesses around the castled king [14.Bxf6!? gxf6 imbalanced with bishops of opposite colours and a semi-open g-file] 14...g5 15.Bg3? [15.e5! Nxe5 16.Bg3 Nxf3+ 17.Bxf3 h5 18.Bxd6 Rxd6=/+] 15...Bxg3 16.fxg3 Qxg3 White to move - what would you play? The Black queen looks like it is conducting a one piece attack. 17.Rad1? This natural move, developing the rook, is a blunder [17.Nd4-/+] 17...g4! 18.hxg4 [18.Ne1?? Qe3+ 19.Kh2 gxh3 20.Rf3?? Ng4+ 21.Kxh3 Qg1 with a king hunt to mate eg: 22.Nd3?? Qh2+ 23.Kxg4 Rdg8#] 18...Nxg4 19.Rfe1??-+ This loses quickly, but White needs to coordinate the pieces and the Nf3 cannot move because of mate. [19.Qc1?? Nde5!-+]
19...Nde5!? obsessed with deflecting the Nf3 from protecting h2. [oops, fractionally stronger is 19...Ne3! threatens #1 or wins the queen] 20.Rxd8+ [20.Nxe5?? Qh2+ 21.Kf1 Qh1#] 20...Rxd8 21.Rf1 [after 21.Rd1 Rxd1+ 22.Qxd1 Ne3 23.Qf1 N5g4! forces mate 24.Qe1?? Qxg2#] 21...Ne3 [also winning was 21...Nxf3+! 22.Rxf3 Qh2+ 23.Kf1 Qh1#] 22.Qb3?? White has 8 secs - saves the queen but 22...Qxg2# Black wins by checkmate with 18 secs left. 0-1 [Game notes by Torning]

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